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    DirectSmile's Marketing blog:

    Discover this DirectSmile blog made by Cyrille and learn more from his Cross Media experience:

    Luzie has been working for DirectSmile since 2007 and would like you to benefit from her knowledge about Cross Media, personalized InDesign documents and DirectSmile Set creation. Although most of her readers are from Germany, this blog is in English because people from all over the world read it. The current top ten countries (most visitors) are Germany, USA, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, India, Netherlands, France, Finland and Spain:

    DirectSmile know-how in Japanese (and English)! Follow Nobuaki Ogawa for technolgy topics ranging from integration of 3rd party software to DirectSmile server solutions and many more:

    Oliver Dehne is Senior Software Engineer and believes, that if you're part of a community, you have to give something back – that's why he started blogging. He reads a lot of blogs himself and feels that they provide valuable know-how for his own work. So he decided to provide information through the same channel. In the beginning he covered general software-engineering topics which occurred during his work, but he soon focused on the DirectSmile Integration Server. Oliver is happy to see that over a hundred people read his blog every week:
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    Former colleagues
    Falk Dörner shows in his blog detailed examples of Cross Media tips and tricks, e.g. how to create a vCard QRcode or how to set up a link so that it opens an outlook appointment in the calendar. The posts are in German, but there are links to example campaign that are in English and the screenshots are worth a look:

    René Fechner was DirectSmile's Head of Training, so obviously it runs in his blood to share knowledge. In his blog you'll find many videos and helpful tips for working with the whole range of DirectSmile products. But there is more, because René also provides an insight into the company and his private life. You can watch DirectSmile staff building and photographing a new picture font made out of Lego, and you'll find out why there was a baby cradle standing in the software developers' office:

    Olaf Watteroth started his own blog, which soon became a rich source for all information related to the DirectSmile Card & Gift Shop. Olaf is an enthusiastic Facebook user which helps him to stay in touch with friends and family. Not surprisingly, he is especially proud of the Database Upload feature of the DirectSmile Card & Gift Shop, because this function allows you to create personalized gifts for all your loved ones at once – a feature which Olaf will surely use as a shop customer himself this Christmas:
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