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PPML issues and Cut off type

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  • PPML issues and Cut off type

    This is a two part issue:
    1) for some reason all of the sudden PPML file are now not showing up at my press. But only when I try to print at template that I have just edited. Makes no sense. Worked yesterday made a type change to the template, saved it and now it won't work. It prints and seems to go through the motions but nothing actually shows up at my press. If I choose a different template it works fine.

    2) anyone else have an issue with text being cut off when using PPML rather then pdf files? We do large amounts of data and so the PPML option is the best but if we use this it cuts off the text at the text window edge. A pdf file keeps the text within the text window not cutting it off, PPML does not. But pdf files are slow, very large, and take for ever to process on our press. Where PPML file process in minutes. But I can not sell cut off type. Cut off meaning the "y" and "p" in the work type would have the bottoms cut off. Would kind of look like tvoe.... Also DirectSmile does not hold any of the InDesign options like "base line shift" of even centering text top to bottom of the window when using "Shrink and Grow". Does anyone understand any of this?