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Support goes EFI DirectSmile Customer Care Portal

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  • Support goes EFI DirectSmile Customer Care Portal

    We are excited to announce that EFI DirectSmile moved to a new support environment that will help us to serve you even better.
    The new support portal can be accessed by logging into

    All customers that already have access to the EFI Support portal can use their existing login credentials straight away. All customers that don’t have an account yet will be setup by EFI personnel. An automated email notification will be send to each of these new account holders containing the new login details. In case you did not get the e-mail containing the new login details, please let us know:

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	213

    If you login with username and password, you can submit a new case or view your existing cases. This guideline shows, how to create a new support case.

    Click image for larger version

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    Please describe your issue shortly in the subject and detailed in the description area below. The more information we get,the faster we can help you. A good subject says something about the issue. If you would only write ‘Urgent help needed’ then we don’t know what the issue is about.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CustomerLogin3.jpg
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    Subject: Summarize the issue with keywords

    Description: Describe the issue in detail. If this is a Cross Media issue, please include server URL, accountname and campaign name. If this is a dedicated account, we might ask you for the password.

    Add attachment: A screenshot is usually very helpful for us.

    Product: Select ‘DirectSmile’.

    Version: You can find the version number via the menu ‘Help -> About’.

    Module: Select the DirectSmile product in which the issue occurs.

    Sub-Module: Select the part of the product to which the issue is related.

    Priority: Please try to evaluate the issue, e.g. an issue is only P1 if your DirectSmile product is down/blocked and there is no way to go on working. If you have a question regarding the software’s possibility, it’s a P4 issue. You can always click the small speech bubble icon to get a description of all states.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CustomerLogin4.jpg
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ID:	216

    P1: The system is down and there is no workaround available.

    P2: Core functionality of the system is behaving in an unstable manner causing significant interruption to customer’s related business operations.

    P3: The system is not functioning materially per the specifications but there is a wokaround which minimizes impact to customer’s related business oerations.

    P4: Minor operational issues that do not impact use of the system in a substantive way.

    Severity: You can evaluate the issue’s severity. Please use ‘1 Critial’ only if your system is down. Use ‘3 Standard General question’ for all kinds of ‘How can I create …’ or ‘Is it possible to …’ questions.

    Click Submit to finish. You will get an e-mail notification, once you have a reply in your case.

    If you view your existing support cases, you can click on a case to open it. Please have a look at the four buttons on the bottom.

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	217

    Click ‘Comments’ to view support’s reply and add a ‘New’ one if you want to reply.
    Click ‘Emails’ to see all e-mails that were sent regarding this case.
    Click ‘Attachments’ to view attached files and upload ‘New’ ones.

    Once your case is solved, it would be great if you could ‘Close’ it. You can still view all comments related to this case. Closing cases makes it easier for us to structurize and categorize support cases. If you have other questions, please submit a new support case.

    We are excited to elevate our customer service to a new level and hope you will like the new environment. If you like to take a look at your old support tickets, no problem, the former DirectSmile Support Center remains as an archive for now:

    Kind regards,
    EFI DirectSmile Support Team
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