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FAQ: How to create a personalized Set animation (video personalization) ?

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  • FAQ: How to create a personalized Set animation (video personalization) ?

    I'm happy to see that you are interested in personalized Set animation. You probably know our website showing some samples:

    You don't need any extra license to prepare a personalized Set animation, it's part of the VDP Software. However, you need a dedicated server for it to run, because Set animation needs high performance. And you probably need the license "DSMI5" to include the videos on any online platform, please ask your responsable sales contact regarding this license.

    Let me provide more general information:

    We recommend to have basic knowledge in DirectSmile Set creation before you start with personalized Set animation. Detailed information can be found in the manual "Personalized Image Set Creation Manual" on page 248 - 277. The manual can be downloaded from the "Help- and Download Center" in the VDP Studio Help menu. If you see the button "Download", please download the latest version before you click the button "Display".

    In addition you can find server system requirements here:

    Let's go back to
    For those small and less visited samples, an own server is needed for rendering all the single images for the personalization. For more frequented websites you will need a (scalable) server farm behind for rendering.

    Currently these are silent movies, sound can be developed, it is a question of interest and money.

    The amount of work for a personalized Set animation through our Set Editor is similar to creating a cartoon or flash film. An existing movie should be splintered in personalized and un-personalized parts, the amount of pictures for a part is limited to around 150 frames (larger personalization parts should be splintered as well) and the size should not be more than 600 x 400 pixels.

    The time you spend on creating those Set animations depends on your knowledge and the duration/complexity of the animation. To give you an idea, please take a look at our samples again:

    One of my experienced colleagues needed a couple of hours for the baseball animation and a couple of days for the woman dancing.

    I hope I could shed some light on personalized Set animation.

    Best regards,

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    I just made a personalized Set animation referring to the manual (page 248 - 277).
    And I think I made it. I can see the animation when I click Preview button in Animation window on Set designer of VDP.
    So I uploaded this Set to DSMI, I got one error saying "Font not found" but it seemed to be uploaded anyway.

    But when I select this Set in DSMI and click on "get video" to start processing, it starts loading until "100%" but no animation is displayed after that.

    Also when I use this Set in DSMX campaign, no animation is running too.
    Using "Query" not "Embed" makes no difference.

    Q1 : How to use the animation Set in DSMX ?
    Q2 : "Font not found" error occurs while uploading. I think the font used in a Set is supposed to be uploaded together with the Set, but not in case of
    animation Set ?

    Thank you, Click image for larger version

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