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How does my client get invlolved?

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  • How does my client get invlolved?

    Hello all, and thanks for your time;

    My question is this:

    I have pictures/backgrounds for my client to chose from... I have text in 3 or 4 formats and fonts galore...

    How do I get my client involved in the 'design' process (that he wants and I want). I thought that was the idea of this programme, he puts the elements together and I get involved at the Variable Data stage and print.

    So far I am doing all the work that I already would have done in Photoshop and Illustrator and the client keeps asking for variables that we bought this programme for.

    Am I missing something here?

    Thanks again

    Gary Fox

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    Hello Gary and welcome to the forum!
    First of all we need to know which DirectSmile product you use: VDP Studio (to personalize InDesign documents for print) or Cross Media (to create personalized marketing campaigns online)? Did you get a training? You usually get a training when you bought the software. A training is important to get answers to your questions and to get to know the software. Please let me know if you use Cross Media or VDP Studio so that we can provide more information.



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      Hi DSM Admin.

      The version we have is the Direct Smile Store Front Studio 6.0

      Of course the 'company' received training when they bought the package and the 'managers' were trained previous to my starting, and they have showed me between them what can be achieved in the programme, which is all good and I have the file creation side it's just that our clients want to "reposition" the 'headline' and 'logo' on their individual cards as they log in and personalise them.

      If this is not possible then please just put me out of my misery and I can pass that on to my manager, but if it can be done can you share the magic or are you going to recommend me for more one on one training?

      Thanks for your time and any responses received.


      Gary Fox


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        Hi Gary,
        Alright, the magic's name is SmartCanvas :-)
        If you prepare a SmartCanvas template and publish it in your Digitale Store Front, the customer can edit the document in the browser. Please find mroe information on our homepage, scroll down to "New! SmartCanvas":

        In the tab "Resources" you can also download the PDF "Introducing SmartCanvas - a revolution in online Template Design Tools".

        And on the right you can find the link "Upgrade to latest version" in case you don't have SmartCanvas yet.