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    I just installed version 6. There is no manual. Can you direct me to the version 6 manual? I set up a simple business card using a quick data file for the purposes of checking the logic and the rules. Everything looks good. There is line suppression, tabs, bottom alignment, etc. However, I understand you have to go through extra steps for these rules and formatting to work on the storefront--Something about setting cycles to 2 and creating extra variables inside the default folder and pulling out the original variables outside of the default folder, right clicking on variables to set "edit data interface" and clicking OK. This not explained anywhere and I'm trying to understand what all this is about. I need a manual with procedures and explanations.

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    Unfortunately there is no manual yet, but you can see the new features in this video:

    The preparation for using a document in DSF is basically the preparation that every DirectSmile document needs if it should be used online. A detailed description can be found in the manual 'DirectSmile Integration Server Manual' on page 11. All manuals can be downloaded in the software via Help -> Help- and Download Center.

    Summary of the preparation:
    1. Create a new folder in the brigde
    2. move variables inside the new folder
    3. right mouse click -> edit data interface -> click OK (data interface is added now)

    You only have to adjust the cycle of a variable (right mouse click -> Properties), if this variable is not filled out by the customer directly, but if it gets its content from another variable of the document. A variable that is filled out directly has cycle 1 (default setting, no need to change). A variable that gets filled out by another document variable gets cycle 2 (adjust the settings).
    A detailed description of the cycles can be found in the manual 'DirectSmile Document Manual' on page 71.



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      Originally posted by DSM View Post
      'DirectSmile Integration Server Manual' on page 11. All manuals can be downloaded in the software via Help -> Help- and Download Center.
      I'm am not seeing this or the datainterface manual on in the download center. Is there a way to download them directly?



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        Please direct me to the manual: "DirectSmile Integration Server Manual" ---this is NOT available for download through the software.


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          Please click here to download the manual:

          Usually, you can find all manuals in the Help- and DownloadCenter. I informed the DirectSmile team that this manual is not available for you.
          Regards, DSM