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How to use Checkbox in Editable template for Marketing Portal

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  • How to use Checkbox in Editable template for Marketing Portal


    I am making some questionnaire in a template for Marketing Portal.

    When you like to ask question which can allow single answer then you use Radio button and which can allow multiple answers then you use Checkbox.

    In Editable template, when making Checkbox, we can use Meta form and in here you can set selection items but I don't know how to set a question for them.

    Just like this ;

    Which source do you refer if you want to catch brand new fashion ?
    ( multiple answers )
    [v] Newspaper
    [ ] Magazine
    [v] Television
    [ ] Internet

    Is it possible to make this kind of Checbox using Meta form ?
    Are there any workaround ?

    Thank you,
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    Hello Takeshin,

    I don't think it is possible at the moment unfortunately. The Meta-Form extension supports a checkbox as you said, but it neither has multiselection nor a caption like the other forms (screenshot attached). Maybe you could simulate the caption with a usual text-item that has the same style? For the multiselection I don't think that there is a workaround unfortunately.

    Kind regards,
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      Thank you, Marcel,
      I hope this will be possible in the future version.
      Kind regards,