I'm trying to create a VDP business card that has a conditional variable in it. (I'm using DirectSmile VDP.) I want the end user to be able to select a country from their storefront and then have both that country and the country code appear on the business card. I've set up a conditional variable called [[FPh1]] that's defined as seen in this screenshot:

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The variable [[FPh1]] is set to run in Cycle 2. When I use a sample data set in DirectSmile VDP, everything works perfectly. In the InDesign file, [[Co1]] and [[FPh1]] are sitting in place on the business card. [[Ph1]] is sitting in the pasteboard, as shown:

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Then I set up a single column data source in DSF that looks like this:

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For [[Co1]], the end user chooses from this single column data source as a drop-down menu.

What I want is for the variable [[FPh1]] not to show up as a field for the end user to fill in. Right now it does, and I can't get it to go away.

I also want [[FPh1]] to automatically generate based on what the end user selects from the drop-down menu for [[Co1]]. It does not. [[Co1]] shows up, but nothing appears for [[FPh1]].

In short: please help. I've been through all the documentation and cannot find an answer.