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Choose columns from the database to include in the Mini-workflow file.

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  • Choose columns from the database to include in the Mini-workflow file.

    Hi all DirectSmile users with GDPR anxiety. I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with.

    We have offered and won a mission to one of Sweden's largest endurance racesand to solve this task we intend to use DirectSmile. The assignment includes registration for the competition including registering of their contact details, personal identification numbers, telephone numbers for their closest relatives, etc. Pretty sensitive information. The assignment includes sending address files for dispatch of the official newspaper for the race. The agreement includes that it will be placed on the mailbox no later than 48 hours after the registration.

    Earlier we have used the "Mini-workflow" to export a CSV file to our fulfilment department that loaded the address file into our addressing machine and printed the addresses.

    Unfortunately, we can’t continue using the "Mini-workflow" this because the CSV file contains sensitive information. Unfortunately, we can’t create a data relation page and manually visit and retrieve these files by posting a download link.

    Proposals for new development
    I think it would be good if you could choose which columns from the database you want to include in the .csv file used in Mini-workflow.
    I wish all readers of this post good luck with compliance with the rules for the GDPR Regards! / Jonas Ettemo Elanders in Sweden

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    You Should have to use Laravel Development for proper database management.