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Marketing portals in DSF

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  • Marketing portals in DSF

    Hello forum!

    We have integrated EFI Digital Storefront (DSF) with EFI DirectSmile Cross Media (DSMX), (Now "EFI Marketing Direct") in order to offer simple campaigns as a self-service for existing DSF-users. This is like bringing marketing portals into the DSF GUI. We need to know how we can have more detailed information on how a campaign is running.
    In DSF we have the Campaign Dashboard where the graphs for the campaign is displayed, but that's it. It seems impossible to get drill-down information on who, in person, has responded on an activity or opened an e-mail. This is possible for all ordinary DSMX campaigns including a dashboard.
    Is this supposed to be possible within DSF?
    Can I please ask for some comments on this?


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    Hey, mate did you receive any answers on this topic, because i have same question no difference... Can i intregate this marketing portal with my nordstrom employee sign in if yes then how?