Supporting forms in multiple languages is very easy in MarketDirect's CrossMedia. Only two steps are needed. Let's assume you want to translate the login form.

1. Step
Open the translations editor from the menu:

By clicking on the world-icon a new dialog opens. Then select the language you want to add:

Now, add a language key for every text you want to translate. The key is important to identify the corresponding language text. After adding the keys, you'll need to add the translations directly into the table.

2. Step
Now that we have the translations, we just need to modify our login form in order to use them. So please open the form in the menu. And open every control and group to give them a new label. The language key becomes very important, now. Because the new label must have the following format: (#LanguageKey). So in our example the label of the user name must be: (#userName), the caption of the group must be: (#pleaseLogin) and so on.

Essentially that is all we need to do. So please save the campaign and then open the page with the login form. You can achive this by clicking on "Preview" in the context menu on that page in the storyboard or you can edit the page and click on "Open Page in Browser" via the menu on the left.

Now, you may ask, how does the page look like and what is the language that will be shown? This really depends on the language that is defined in the browser of your customer. If it is English, then the form will be translated into English, the same with German and all that happens automatically.

Kind regards,

--efi - Senior Software Developer--
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